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3 Reel Slot Machines: Everything You Need to Know

Amongst the different categories of slot machines available to you at most online gambling sites, 3 reel slots are the most basic and easier to play games. While a few titles will offer a bonus game, most of them have no a bonus feature or a free spins round at all. And when playing these games, you’ll only be required to activate a small number of paylines.

Many slot machines in this category have a single payline. However, you’ll also find some games with three or five optional paylines that you can activate. Similar to other slots available to both mobile and desktop gamers, you will have plenty of different staking options, but they tend to range between low and medium stakes. This range makes 3 reel machines unsuitable for very high rolling gamblers.

However, if you aren’t well versed at playing online slots with different unique features and you would much prefer to play some simple and straightforward games, then free online 3 reel slots are a perfect option for you. Before you can start playing any classic slot machine, read on to learn more.

What Are 3 Reel Slot Machines?

Three-reel slots are the easiest and most classic category of online games available in the gaming world. But more importantly, they are enjoyable to play and offer a lot of fun. Slots are categorised based on the number of reels they have. Basically, reels are vertical positions on the grid of a given game, that are spun after placing a bet and symbols land on them each time. With this in mind, three-reel machines are games that have a set of three vertical positions.

Their symbols are anything from bars or 7’s to fruits, all depending on the direct theme of a given game. To make things more interesting, there’re a few payline options which range between 1 and 50 lines. This range provides players with additional opportunities to win. Three-reel games are a perfect match for gamers who are looking for the most authentic slot experience, from the comfort of their homes.

Types of Free 3 Reel Slot Machines

Before you can start to play your favourite three-reel slot machines, it is vital to understand the different types you’re going to find at most online casinos. The first type of games that you will come across are the classic slots. These slot machines all have one thing in common; you will only be in the position to activate a single payline. Most classic machines are designed in such a way that they allow players to place wagers with the maximum number of coins, which can result in an enhanced jackpot pay-out.

Apart from classic machines, you will also find some three-reel games with optional paylines. The majority of these games will allow you to activate either three or five different paylines. Similar to classic slot games, you will often find enhanced jackpot pay-outs, but this time around by not playing the maximum number of coins per line. You will only need to play every single payline to find an enhanced jackpot pay-out.

Many optional payline three-reel slot machines offer different sized jackpots on their higher-numbered paylines. So you should note if there are any forms of higher valued pay-outs provided to you when you activate the maximum number of paylines.

Progressive three-reel slot machines are another type of 3 reel games. As the name suggests, these slots have a progressive jackpot, and also, feature a bonus game. For you to win the progressive jackpots that these types of games offer, you need to activate the respective bonus games by playing the maximum bet spins and line up jackpot symbols on the paylines.

Different Tips for Playing 3 Reel Slot Machines

There’re some general tips that can help you play three-reel games like a pro even if you’re a newbie. Whether you are looking to play free 3 reel slot machine games or their real money counterparts, you will find these tips helpful. The first thing that you need to familiarise yourself with is the pay-out percentage of a given game.

If a slot machine has a higher RTP, it means that you will enjoy more winning pay-outs over your long term play. That being said, you should always look for slot machines offering more than average pay-outs. Ensure the game has an RTP of 97% and more.

Another thing that you should consider when selecting your three-reel slot machine is the jackpot/bonus game feature. This feature will help you increase your chances of winning significant amounts of money. However, you should remember to wager the maximum number of coins and activate all paylines.

The best playing strategy is to put into play the maximum payline spins or coins on slot machines that offer enhanced jackpot pay-outs. When your lucky day arrives, you will be able to win those huge amounts of money that you have always been looking forward to.

Why Free 3 Reel Slot Games Are the Way to Go

When you play free 3 reel slots games, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. You will be able to enjoy free entertainment while at the same time learning how to play and win at three-reel games. Also, free three-reel slot machines are playable on different devices, and you do not need to sign up with a given online casino in order to play.

Once you have played the free versions, you can sign-up with your favourite online gaming site and enjoy some generous bonuses on these games. If you are lucky enough, then you can earn something from them. You will enjoy all these when you start playing free three-reel games online.

Final Thoughts

Three-reel slot machines are easy-to-play games and offer the best gaming experience, especially if you are a beginner. They are the foundation of all online slot machines which means that even the most successful gamblers started by playing them. So if you want to be a successful player, you must play these simple games. Look for a reputable site and play them to enhance your gaming experience.

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