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Million-Dollars Lottery Records

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In Virginia the Lottery reached the record of ₹538,6 million during the past fiscal year. This happened due to a significant Mega Millions jackpot drawing in December, 2013. In the fiscal year 2012 the record was set in the amount of ₹487,1 million.

The Lottery’s sales increased in 7,2 per cent and made a record of ₹1,81 billion.

The last year was announced as the first full year of the brand “We’re Game”. The tickets were offered for sales even in the grocery stores.

Paula Otto, the Executive Director, announced that during the last fiscal year the number of people who bought lottery tickets increased to about 35 per cent of adult population and this is in 2 percent more than the previous records. She explained that this information is based on the survey of lottery buyers who didn’t mind revealing their playing habits during the month. The increase in the Lottery records was also noticed in Arizona, where the Lottery reaches ₹724 million in sales.

During the last fiscal year this record level was recorded thanks to the appearance of new games.

The officials announced that the record of ₹724million was set in sales and this is in 4,5 percent higher than the previous fiscal year. This is also the hugest prize in the hystory of Lottery in Arizona for 33 years.

Jeff Hatch-Miller, the Director, explained that the main reason for such success of the Lottery during the fiscal year is a surge in Scratcher sales. They comprised more than ₹483,9 million for the fiscal year. He also added that the release of such draw game as “All or Nothing” and the series “Lucky Life” contributed greatly to this success.

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