Reel Strike
Reel Strike
Reel Strike
Reel Strike

Free Reel Strike slot game

Reel Strike Slot: Not Bad at All!

This is a slot machine game that has gathered, like most things in life, both good opinions and bad opinions alike, and throughout this small text we’ll give you the both sides, so you can consider this slot game’s cons and pros in order to decide whether you want to try it or pass it in search of everything else.

Our opinion is that you should definitely try it because it may bring you a lot of coins to win and a healthy dose of coins in payout money to go with it, and you should never judge a slot without playing it – that’s kind of our motto right now!

अतिरिक्त जानकारी
Release date: 2014
Software: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Lines: 30
Minimum bet: 1 per line
Maximum bet: 15 per line
Payout: 95.01%
Autoplay: yes
Bonus rounds: yes
Free spins: yes
Multiplier: yes
Mobile: no
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Reel Strike slot game
Reel Strike slot machine
Reel Strike demo

Reel Strike Slot in India: Not Bad at All!

Most of the slots nowadays pack some kind of mini side-game they use to take the player out of the slot to present a new scenario, therefore diminishing the sense of boredom. The Reel Strike Slot also does this by containing a bonus.

To activate the bonus you actually have to match five reel tiles in order to trigger the side-game scenario, and this may seem quite the daunting task – but not here, since it isn’t so uncommon, as you’ll see by giving it a few spins.

The payouts aren’t bad and you’ll be facing one of the best payout rates in the industry, and this is definitely a pro, but there are some cons to be considered as well, being the biggest one the fact that the side-game follows a model we are used to see – you are provided with a selection of items and you pick two in order to get the rewards that hide behind them.

Bearing this in mind, most of the slots out there have this con, and few deliver unique side-games, making this con lose some weight.

Choose your Bets: The Reel Strike Slot Pay Table!

What are you ready to spend today when playing the Reel Strike Slot game? This is a question you’ll have to answer yourself, but fortunately the developers installed a lot of different betting options you may go over at your leisure.

First of all, you may set your bets on different pay lines, and the more lines you bet on the better your odds will look like, and secondly you can also set how many coins you are willing to part with per bet, so you can tailor the betting to your liking.

Another thing to consider is this slot, like most of them, has a pay table you can look at for as long as you want – and this will make you aware of the possible payouts and the combos that make them possible.

सर्वोत्तम बोनस कैसीनो
स्वागत बोनस 100%
+up to ₹1000
2 जमाओं पर!
4.4 /5
चलाये नियम एवं शर्तें
₹ 500 वेलोम बोनस!
शीर्ष बोनस 100%
4 /5
चलाये नियम एवं शर्तें
Up to ₹400 स्वागत बोनस + 40 मुफ़्त स्पिन
4 /5
चलाये नियम एवं शर्तें
100% up to ₹50 + 200 मुफ़्त स्पिन on Starburst
4.2 /5
चलाये नियम एवं शर्तें
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