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Sizzling Hot - 1500 USD Sam773***
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Lucky Drink - 1000 USD Dorian***
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Sizzling Hot - 700 USD Black***
The Big 888 Summer Special is Incoming! Prime your Engines!

The Big 888 Summer Special is Incoming! Prime your Engines!

888Summer Special

Are you Ready for a Shot at 100.000£? If so, Get in the 888 Summer Special on the 7th!

The United Kingdom has a huge Poker player base nowadays which go for casinos and online poker rooms as they need to scratch their Poker itch – but if you’re one of these players, then you’re going to be happy as the go-to Casino for Poker in London, the Aspers Casino, is announcing a big tournament just around the corner.

The 888 Summer Special was announced, and it is going to start at July 7, and it is a direct result of the branding contract Aspers Casino settled with 888Poker, the online poker titan.

The prize or guarantee, as you prefer, is of a mind-numbing 100 thousand pounds, so there’s definitely something to look forward to on this Poker tournament, and the value should make Poker pilgrims throughout the country head to this famed London Poker center.

The tournament will no doubt witness big plays between amateur poker players and professional players alike, and you can be one of them if you play your chips right.

How the Aspers – 888Poker Partnership Tackes the UK Poker Environment:

There’s something that really puts Poker Players with their engine running, and that is a high prize pool.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this tournament is going to achieve just that as it gets the 100.000£ guarantee up on your face, tantalising you with the earnings you can get.

The tournament isn’t going to be the only attraction on those days of July, since the brands thought about several local events to go with it, making the place a true Poker gathering on the days of the 888 Summer Special.

The man behind the Aspers Casino’s Poker Tables, Mr. Scanlon, states that this contract between the offline and online Poker worlds is going to achieve great things and really present value to the HUGE Poker Community of Great Britain.

Aspers Casino and 888Poker: What You Need to Know!

The man in charged added some context for the contract that allowed the 888 Summer Special to take place, and that context explains how the online and offline world have competed for Poker players’ attention nationwide on these last years.

Now with this agreement, Mr. Scanlon wants to create synergies that will allow two big usually competing brands to work together in order to focus on delivering value both in the virtual rooms and the Asper Casino’s Poker tables as well.

As for the tournament, it is going to be between July 7-10, and will have players competing for the prize as well as several satellites and parallel local events taking place to ensure the activity is always flowing on that Poker Abbey.

The entry cost for the tournament is of only 500£

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