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World famous poker players

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We are happy to provide you with the information which will tell you about the achievements of the best poker players.

Their ups and downs have to encourage you to make important decisions in your life, you are sure to lead to victory!

Who now plays poker better than anyone? There are a lot of such people and it is difficult to tell about all of them. All of them are professional poker players and it is not easy to decide who of them is the best poker player. One player is incredibly nice online, but he is not very famous in the tournaments.the other is smashing everyone in the cache, but is not an expert in a tournament game. Therefore, to say definitely who is the best poker player in the world is difficult. As many experts and players there are, so many opinions exist. Poker is multifaceted and each of its varieties has its celebrities and stars.

But there are a number of players who are clearly distinguished from the total amount. It is worth telling about some of them in particular. These are the most famous poker players in the world.

Speaking of poker legends, it is necessary to start with uniquely Doyle Brunson. He is called the grandfather or godfather of poker. The combination of cards 10-2 received his name, as with these cards he became the world champion twice. Doyle himself is not a player who earned huge sums, though he earned a lot in poker, but many young people have got more than he in this regard. Grandpa of poker is already deeply in his 70s, but he regularly plays in tournaments if health permits, and always gets the money.

At the time, Doyle started playing poker to pay the bills for his treatment, since he began as a professional athlete, until he received the injury. He has traveled around the entire southern United States and beat everybody. Then he got to Las Vegas, there he lost a lot, but in the end he was able to climb to the top and became the first two-time world champion of poker.

After the legend we can talk about the young star. This poker star is Tom Dwan. This is a young guy who was famous even before he was able to take part in the first live poker tournament. The fact is that in the United States in poker tournaments only after the age of 21 you can participate in the tournaments. And Tom beat online everyone who came on his way since the age of18.

Now Tom is one of the most recognizable poker players in the world. He is liked by all the poker community with his great game. It is suffice to say that when Tom takes part in the poker show, his approval rating soars to the heavens. Well, Tom has earnings of millions of dollars for a long time. Not once he broke the bank larger than half a million dollars !!! The photos of poker players, especially of a young millionaire Tom Dwan, are diverge snapped!

All those players are Americans. But are there any great poker players who are able to succeed among other nationalities? Of course there are. A typical example is Ivan Demidov. He is from Moscow and he learned to play poker himself. He didn’t finish any special schools, but he has a certain mathematics ability, he studied at the Faculty of Mathematics, so that the theory of probability knows well (Well, read any textbook in Poker – there it is clearly stated that if you want to win, consider the probability).

So this self-taught Russian poker player in 2008 took the 2nd place at the World Cup, losing only to Peter Eastgate in the showdown. Ivan did not once hit the prize money before and after the event, earning at the moment a few million dollars and has a sponsorship deal with the largest poker room of the world PokerStars.

The best poker players are earning very well, so why not try to become one of them?

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