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How to Play Real Money Cash Spin Slot and Win Big

Cash Spin – Paytable and Rules

As you might have guessed, Cash Spin Slot Machine is not what it seems like at the first glance, despite its simplicity. Due to the Wheel of Fortune style, the game might not have all the common symbols you have previously met. It still contains the ones borrowed from playing cards, as well as precious stones and dollar signs. Additional symbols which offer bonuses are also present in the game and those can lead to tremendous amounts of credits. The diamond is the highest paying symbol, followed by the ruby, emerald, and dollar.

The slot will consider winning lines from the left to the right and will only credit the highest-paying one.

Cash Spin – Bonuses and Symbols

The greatest part about Cash Spin is the fact that it contains a plethora of bonuses and special symbols. The signature feature present in the game is triggered by having the U-Spin Symbol on the first, third, and last reel. This bonus feature will trigger a wheel that needs to be spun by the player to earn prizes, just like a real wheel of fortune. The Wild Symbol can swap any other basic symbol in the game, and can only appear on the second and fourth reel. It, unfortunately, cannot keep the place of a money bag symbol or the Scatter which triggers the wheel.

The Money Bag Symbol will land on the second, third, and fourth reel and can grant players up to 50x times their net bet. This is especially useful when placing maximum bets, as it can multiply your credits by a lot.

David Hall
David Hall
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David Hall was born in 1994 to a military family in Liverpool. In early childhood, David mastered arithmetic: he counted big numbers in his mind and calculated square and cube roots. In 2015, David received his degree in mathematics from the University of Liverpool. Now David Hall is here to share his experience with you. You can also earn in the casino knowing some secrets and tricks! “It wasn’t money that attracted me to the casino. I was interested in finding a way to win with my mind without leaving my own room. I was also curious to explore the world of gambling, which I knew nothing about at the time.”
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