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Aspers Casino will host the first-ever Cash Game Festival

Aspers Casino will host the first-ever Cash Game Festival

From March 30 to April 3, 2016 in Aspers Casino Westfield Stratford City the first in the TZ history cash-game festival will be held.

This 5-day fest time got the name Cash Game Festival. About 3 thousand players from more than 50 countries will be offered a chance to play a great number of games for 120 hours nonstop. The minimum stake will be affordable to everyone as it is only £1/ £1, the highest stake is up to you. The bets will not include any extra charges for those trying their luck in them.

The main organizer of the festival is Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, Poker Icons’ owner. He has already had the experience in such an event, as he has organized 3 similar festivals at the Olympic Casino in Tallinn, Estonia during the two years.

Franke commented, “I’ve been involved in poker tournaments since 2006, and all the time I heard from cash-game players that it was a long way to travel to these tournaments only to bust, or asking why we couldn’t open the cash games earlier,” said Franke. “A friend of mine, Enri Orav, a professional poker player, suggested we do a cash-game festival. So basically, Enri and I created the Cash Game Festival. The concept is cash-game-only poker over several days and nights. It is our baby!” Numerous feedback received at 3 previous events helped them to tweak all the details and make it better for the players.

“When we last ran the Cash Game Festival in Tallinn, there were more alternative tables than hold’em,” said Franke. “Most were ‘super dealer’s choice,’ which means basically any game goes so long as the rules are understood by everyone at the table. ‘Sviten Special’ was extremely popular. It’s one of the most popular games in Northern Europe right now, and is a split game that is a hybrid of draw and Omaha. It is a super action game.”

“Also popular was triple-board Omaha, where you play four-, five-, or six-card Omaha with three boards and you have to win two of them. It’s safe to say, we left Texas 10 years ago!”

Franke plans not only to entertain the players with lots of games, but to cater them for. During his previous experience, the most demanded bets were €5/€5. Now he expects to have £2/£5, £5/£5 and £5/£10. Nevertheless, low and higher bets are also welcome.

After Aspers the Cash Game Festival will move to Malta and Southern Europe. Aspers was chose thanks to its fantastic location and well-trained staff.

“Aspers is huge and it has an amazing poker room and amazing staff,” he said. “John Scanlon, the poker room manager, is a very well connected, professional worker, and that’s why we have chosen to work with him and his team. The Cash Game Festival is still in the beginning of its journey and you have to start building trust with the best of the best in the industry. If you do this, the results should be good.

“Also, the location of Aspers is fantastic. Its transport links are superb being only a few stops from both Shoreditch and Leicester Square. Visitors have a wide selection of accommodation and have easy access to entertainment like maybe going to a football match before returning to the casino for some more poker.”

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