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Responsible Gambling

We wish to make sure that you feel 100% content in a gambling setting where safety and security are regarded with the utmost attention. To this end, tz.vogueplay.com and its partner websites are very serious when it comes to Responsible Gambling. To gain a full grasp of what betting addictions involve, we recommend you to read this section very carefully.

Regardless of whether you gamble in an actual casino or you prefer trying your luck on a gambling website when placing a bet, you should feel satisfied. However, keep in mind that the adrenaline rush of a win might become addictive. When visiting a gambling website, you should feel entertained, not infuriated!

You must understand that luck is a key element in any wager. It’s practically impossible to win all the time, just as it’s impossible to lose every single bet. The best tip we could offer you is to decide on a betting budget and always stop before exceeding the sum that you can afford to lose. Each and every one of the betting websites promoted by us includes features that make it possible for you to manage your betting budget adequately. We’re talking about options like deposit limitations, temporary suspensions or irreversible exclusion from the website.

Next, you are entitled to close and delete your account, both on tz.vogueplay.com and on any website you can find on our list. However, you should be aware of the fact that once you make this decision, there’s no coming back! If you permanently close your account, it won’t be possible to access it ever again. Moreover, your name and other personal details can be included in a problem betting database to stop you from using real money to gamble on a network of websites.

Online betting must remain an entertaining activity and must not become a critical problem. When placing a bet on the internet, your main purpose should be to enjoy yourself. When gambling stops being enjoyable, you should consider that you might have become an addict. There is a large number of symptoms that may indicate a gambling addiction, the first and foremost being gambling with money that is indispensable.

If you wish to find out more about what it means to be a responsible gambler, take a look at our complete gambling guide.

If you wish to explore the issue of gambling addictions further or if you feel like you might be an addict yourself, contact the following support group: www.gamcare.org.uk.

Charles Lewis
Written by
Chief editor
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