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How Can I Scam From A Fruit Machine?

How can I scam from a fruit machine? That’s the question most people ask themselves when they find themselves sitting in the fruit machine with all their money loaded into it and when they hear those little “ching-ching” noises coming from it. If that sounds familiar, you might want to try your hand at some of the following tips:

First off, don’t even try to play the fruit machine if you are in the middle of a “rainy day”. You will be too tired to notice. Trust me. You also do not need to have a lot of money to get lucky with the machine. A twenty dollar bet will usually do the trick.

Also, when the guy who operates the machine gets impatient with you, do not give in. If you give in every time, he will keep on giving in until you quit playing. If you keep refusing to play and the guy stops his game, you just might be a good candidate for a fruit machine scammer.

When you’re near the end of the rope and the guy is getting tired, just say “give” and walk away. Do not answer the machine. When the machine stops, tell the guy that you are done with it and walk away. Do not let him try any tricks with your money. Even if he gets you to put money into the machine, he will just take your money and run off with it.

Be very wary of fruit machines located in heavily traveled areas. I have seen this more than once with friends living in the same neighborhood. A fruit machine will often appear just when you are about to enter a certain area. If you are watching your neighbors, and you notice someone getting ready to use the machine, then be sure to keep a look out. I have seen many incidents of people getting scammed when they were in a highly populated area using fruit machines.

How can I scam from a fruit machine? – There are a number of ways to try and obtain money from a fruit machine. You can try and use a fake I.D., a fake police report, or tell a friend of yours that you lost a bet and needed some cash. All of these methods work very well. The only problem with them is that you will eventually become identified by the owner as someone who wins a lot of money playing these fruit machines. That is why I recommend trying one of the other two options.

How can I scam from a fruit machine that isn’t even in operation? – There are all kinds of fruit machines that aren’t actually running. You can get cash from a working one by going to some websites that have live video streams of the machines. Usually they won’t have any fruit on them yet but you can start to play. The only problem with this method is that you might not have a camera on your person at all. Plus it’s illegal to tape people while they are consenting to video taping.

How can I scam from a fruit machine, if I’m sure I’m not the winning type? – If you are confident that you will be the winner then don’t do anything stupid. For example, if you are in a casino and you know you are going to win big then wait for the right moment to press the button that wins you the jackpot. This is often when fruit machines are really paying out. If you have a camera, though, then you can film it and get arrested.

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