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How to Con a Fruit Machine – Win Big Times!

Learning how to con a fruit machine is one of the most basic skills anyone can learn. And this is true, whether you’re playing the machine alone or with others. Anyone who is looking for tips to help them decide which machine they want to play with should try to learn how to con a fruit machine first. This article will teach you the basics on how to do it.

First of all, you should know that there are different kinds of fruit machines. You should familiarize yourself with each kind before you start trying to figure out how to play. There are so many different kinds out there, that learning how to play each one would take an entire book in itself. Each type will have its own rules, and its own way of paying out the winnings. A person can only become familiar with playing with each fruit machine by actually playing it.

The simplest kind of fruit machine is one that just counts off loud notes. A person should never walk up to this kind of machine and try to figure out how to con it. It’s too random and the person won’t be able to control it. The person must look at the note and count to ten before walking over to the machine.

Another common fruit machine is one that has the numbers on it that appear in sequence. Usually these machines have only four or five letters to choose from when looking at the number combinations. Once a person has the number that they are looking for, they look at it and spin it. If that combination happens to be a winning combination, then the machine will give out a small amount of money.

Then there is another fruit machine that is called a multiplier. This kind of machine has a dial that spins. When this happens, it will cause the machine to multiply the money that is on the dial. While playing this game, a person has to know how much money is on the dial so they can know how many times to spin it and receive a bonus. Plus, this is the hardest game on a machine because if a player gets it right, then they get a really large amount of free money.

Then there is the bonus machine. A person will need to search for this while playing a fruit machine. Sometimes a machine will have multiple doors which open up and show a different set of numbers. A person will have to search for this one and hope that they get lucky and play it so that it pays out the amount of money that is shown on the screen.

A person should always play these fruit machines at night so they can avoid having to pay extra money. Most of the time, they do not have to pay anything extra. However, they may have to pay when winning a prize from the machine. People have won millions from these machines over the years. So, if you want to be a millionaire while playing a fruit machine, then it is your lucky day.

There are some places where you can learn how to con a fruit machine. You can learn from sites on the internet, where you can read about each machine and how to play it. Plus, you can also learn tricks that help you beat the odds and get the free winnings. You can visit forums where you can read about the most hilarious stories about people who have won millions from a fruit machine, including you!

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