Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack
Wolf Pack

Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

Untamed Wolf Pack Slot: Gamble or Half-Gamble?

The wolves are howling, and that means they are calling – they are calling for you! If you want to answer that call and see if it brings you fortune and defeat, jump onto this slot machine and try to beat the odds… you’ll be glad you’ve done it!

Untamed Wilds with the Untamed Wolf Pack Slot

When you tackle the Untamed Wolf Pack slot, you’re going to notice that even most of the reel tiles are untamed, only one of them is a wild symbol.

The wild symbol will allow you to have more statistical probabilities to get a winning combination, and the reason on why this is true is because this tile will replace any other symbol or reel tile in the game.

On the other hand, if you have two lines almost matching and you only need a J in one and a K in other, the wild can stand for these two if the missing piece overlaps on a single position – yielding you two winning combinations instead of none – it’s always adding up.

So you see the importance of wild symbols, but what is there more to know?

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Release date: 2014
Software: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Lines: 30
Minimum bet: 3 per line
Maximum bet: 45 per line
Autoplay: yes
Bonus rounds: yes
Free spins: yes
Multiplier: yes
Mobile: no
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Play Untamed Wolf Pack Online Slot for Real Money
Play Untamed Wolf Pack Casino Slot for Money
Play Untamed Wolf Pack Real Money

The Untamed Wolf Pack Slot is more than a machine!

Playing the Untamed Wolf Pack slot is like playing with fire – you can feel it is beautiful but at the same time dangerous, and taming the machine is the only way you’ll break a profit!

The immersion value is huge as you see the wolves, the pack, the natural setting and the artwork and sound that are highly optimized to provide you with the best experience, but there’s also a constant reminder that you are playing a slot game.

One of these reminders is the fact that classical reel tiles are present in the game, such as the Poker card tiles.

There are also scatter reels to match, and these can boost your earning potential by giving you some spins free of charge – of course the more scatters you manage to get in the game play area, the more spins the game will line up for you and the highest your profits can be.

Collect more reels like this during your free spins and you can extend that free-play experience almost indefinitely, though that can be quite hard and you’ll need a very good lucky charm.

So, as you can see, this slot has a lot of elements but it still manages to keep everything attractively simple so you can focus on what really matters – netting those wins!

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