Mugshot Madness
Mugshot Madness
Mugshot Madness
Mugshot Madness

Mugshot Madness Slot

Mugshot Madness Slot: Time to Line Up!

Dogs, crocodiles, rhinoceros, there seems to be a mugshot of all the animals here for you to match – these animals may have done some serious crimes, but it is apparent that they are going to pay for them in jail thanks to the detective who will help you bank when playing this amazing game title.

Rest assured these criminals won’t be allowed to roam, and as you catch them you’ll also pick up some pocket change on the way!

अतिरिक्त जानकारी
Release date: 2014
Software: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Lines: 20
Minimum bet: 20 per line
Maximum bet: 100 per line
Autoplay: yes
Bonus rounds: yes
Free spins: yes
Multiplier: yes
Mobile: no
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Mugshot Madness slot machine
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Mugshot Madness Slot and its 20 Pay Lines!

If you think the traditional nine pay lines give you enough odds of scoring a win, then you definitely have to spin the Mugshot Madness slot machine since it comes packed with twenty pay lines you can bet on.

The pay lines are plentiful, but you shouldn’t forget you just earn for the matches done on pay lines you actively bet on. As to increase your winning odds, you should aim at betting in every pay line possible, and if you need to reduce the risks then cut down on the coin amount rather than on the line amount – that’s like slots 101, but many newbie players fail at understanding this, being doomed to failure on the long run.

With these many lines and the betting options you face, it is important to know how payouts affect the game and how your earnings will look like – so you’ll have to consult the pay table often.

Mugshot Madness Slot: Animals are Lining Up, it’s up to them to Stop them!

There are two main reel tiles that help on stopping these animal criminals down in the Mugshot Madness slot machine, and these are the detective and his badge.

For starters, we’ll look to the detective since he plays a major role in stopping these criminals – and in filling your coin purse. The detective is the game’s wild reel tile symbol and he can replace any symbol except for the badge.

The badge, however, is the reel tile symbol that makes it able for you to trigger the scatter function – that is the function that will yield you some spins, free of charge.

While you’re enjoying your free spins you should bear in mind that you can trigger this function yet again during the free-spinning process to add some more free spins on the stack, and you can do this for as long as you can match the badges.

Are you ready to stop crime and these petty criminals by turning the coin-flow right into your wallet instead? If so, start playing whenever you feel ready

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4.4 /5
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₹ 500 वेलोम बोनस!
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Up to ₹400 स्वागत बोनस + 40 मुफ़्त स्पिन
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