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Poker Upgraded: All Your Need to Know About Online video poker Strategies

Videopoker play online free

Online video poker is another casino game that is based on traditional draw poker played with five cards. The main feature of it was that you played it on a special console similar to those used for creating slot machines. By the way, the first Videopoker models appeared together with personal computers, but they were pretty primitive in comparison to today’s standards.

In today’s era of technology you don’t have to go to Las Vegas to find Videopoker machine to play – just search for in on the Internet, and you will find lots of places where you can play Videopoker that would be as realistic as it is in real life. For players that prefer the game of skill, the opportunity to get some really large wins without having to give up the anonymity of the game there is nothing better than Videopoker.

Videopoker Play For Free: The Game

To play online video poker you have to make a credit, and after that the game begins with placing a bet (you can choose one or more credits for that). After that, you will get your cards and have an opportunity to discard one or couple of them in order to exchange them for other ones of the same deck. Later on, the machine will check if the hands played match any of the winning combinations you can find at the pay tables.

Unlike traditional slot machines and their online versions, Videopoker is the only game where the pay table is all about the return on the dollar you are gambling, and it is based on your ability to play the way it is mathematically correctly. But to play it right and get a profit, you have to know the strategies and secrets of the game, as well as the specific details if each and every kind of Videopoker. Read along to find some strategies you can use to become a better Videopoker player.

Videopoker Play Online: Tips and Tricks

The following tips will help you get towards big winnings and becoming a better player, so make sure to use them right.

  • Learn how to play poker before you spend money on its video version. You need to know poker strategies and use them when you play.
  • There are different poker video games, like Joker Wild, Deuces Wild and lots of others. Learn each of them specifically before you start playing – they may differ in details that might cost you a good amount of cash.
  • Before you start playing, study a pay table for some time, and choose the game that suits you bets. Thus, if you want to play Jack or Better, choose the version where they pay 9-1 on a full house and 6-1 on a flush (it is called 9/6).
  • Opt for free mode game playing, and always keep a track of how you are doing. Analyse your choices and see if they made sense for each hand, and if they were paid off.
  • In case you hold the winning hand (at least the minimum one), don’t draw five cards – choose to draw from one to three (it depends on the minimum winning hand). The tip is universal for any kind of Videopoker.
  • If there is a straight potential, go for it. If it is against the cards you’ve been dealt, don’t go for a flush or full house – you will lose more.
  • Another universal tip is you should always pertain to the pace – there is no good in playing Videopoker quickly. That is not an arcade game where the speed matters – take your time and analyse your cards and chances.
  • Know when you should quit. In case you are tired and lose focus pretty fast; you are emotionally upset and disturbed – then take a break. Otherwise, you may find yourself making decisions without thinking, at that might cost you a lot.
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Ellis Herbert
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David Hall
David Hall
Chief editor
David Hall was born in 1994 to a military family in Liverpool. In early childhood, David mastered arithmetic: he counted big numbers in his mind and calculated square and cube roots. In 2015, David received his degree in mathematics from the University of Liverpool. Now David Hall is here to share his experience with you. You can also earn in the casino knowing some secrets and tricks! “It wasn’t money that attracted me to the casino. I was interested in finding a way to win with my mind without leaving my own room. I was also curious to explore the world of gambling, which I knew nothing about at the time.”
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