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10 Most Popular Techniques in Casinos’ Cheating

online casino cheating

All people come to the casino hoping to win a lot. But not all of them rely on simple luck or some strategy that they worked out. There are some gamblers that try to cheat using some techniques. Here is 10 of the most often used tricks in cheating. But most of the casinos check all their players, as their main goal is to provide fair game. So, we do hope that you won’t use these tricks.

  1. Marked cards. The cards are marked with special infrared marks or just denting the corners with the chips. But you must watch the dealer very attentively so as not to miss the marks.
  2. Counting cards. This trick isn’t considered illegal if you don’t use some special devices for this. You can count cards in your head so as to be aware on the cards that are left in the deck or the cards that other players may have. This increases your chances of wins.
  3. Hole card reading. This technique can also be illegal only if you are using some illegal casino devices for this, e.g., a mirror or a hidden camera. But if you use your analytical abilities to define the value of the dealer’s hole card, you are welcome to proceed.
  4. Roulette chips color up. One player buys chips of a certain color for $1 and goes away taking some of them. The second player takes this chips and goes to the same table. There he buys the chips of the same color for $25 each. He plays some rounds and then cash out all the chips at the latter stake.
  5. Dice slide. This means that you slide the dice instead of tossing them. This can increase your chances of the lucky outcome. Some gamblers can even slide one die or two dice on the numbers they want.
  6. False shuffle. This is the trick of a dealer. When he shuffles cards, he can keep some of them if he is bribed by the gambler. Recently the members of the Tran Organization have been caught on this.
  7. Hidden camera. This trick is suitable for baccarat and blackjack. The cheater has a camera in the sleeve and his accomplice follows it. When the gambler cuts the cards, he shows them on the camera. His partner watches the cards and tells the player via an earphone.
  8. Hand Mucking. This is the oldest cheating trick and the easiest one. But you must practise a lot to handle the cards swiftly or buy a special holdout device to hide tgem in the sleeves.
  9. Slots bill validator. With the old slot machines the gamblers used stringing a coin and played with one coin again and again. With the new computerizes slot machines, new ways if cheating also appeared. These new techniques are also based on contemporary hi-tech devices able to cheat the bill validation units. The cheaters use $1 bills, but make the slot machine believe that this is $100 bills. A lot of casinos are aware of the trick and improved the security functions. But some slot machines that haven’t updated their equipment, still suffer from such tricks.
  10. Past posting. This is also one of the oldest tricks when one of the player distracts the dealer at the roulette table, while the other gambler put the chips on the winning sectors.
  11. We offer you this list of tricks only to help you avoid being cheated. We do hope that you prefer fair playing!

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