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Online casino bonus for free in the UK – the best bonuses at uk.vogueplay.com

Online casino bonus for free in the UK – the best bonuses at uk.vogueplay.com

Of course, online gambling wouldn’t be fun if there were no bonuses involved. You want to have a blast at playing and you want to stand a good chance at winning some money. You don’t want to risk everything before the game even started. There are plenty of online casinos in the world and they all have to give it their best to lure in as many customers as they can.

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They will reward you for choosing them and for sticking with them for all of your online casino adventures. Here is a breakdown of the casino bonuses that you should be looking for when you consider the long line of online casinos that you can enjoy.

Earn by signing up

Let’s face it: it is no fun to trust your hard-earned cash into the hands of a completely strange casino when you have no idea if you will win at all. By offering their clients a way to start playing for free they earn your interest and trust. Different online casinos offer different types of online casino bonuses because they are all trying to get you involved in all the fun they have to offer. These welcome bonuses are also known as signup bonuses, casino deposit bonuses, percentage deposit bonuses or startup bonuses.

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How do the welcome bonuses work?

No casino is going to give you the online casino bonus in cash as soon as you sign up. The different casinos have different rules regarding their bonuses, but their main goal is to get you involved in the games and help you learn how online casino games work without risking your money. When they offer you a casino deposit bonus, you will have to earn a certain target reward before you can start withdrawing some of the winnings. If your online casino bonus is depleted after a few losses or after quite a few games you may have to start investing some of your own money to continue playing, but that is usually where the real fun begins because what is gambling without some risk? The welcome or startup bonuses are probably the biggest online casino free bonus that you will get throughout your games with the exception of true winnings in the games.

Difference between no deposit, matching deposit and percentage deposit bonuses

All of these deposit bonuses are part of the welcome bonus structure. As said before, different online casinos have different bonus structures and these three deposit bonuses are the main startup differences.

No deposit bonus – The no deposit bonus is an amount that the casino gives you when you sign up that allow you to test the games or get started for free. There are quite a few terms and conditions regarding your no deposit bonus that varies for different casinos.

Matching deposit bonus – Some casinos don’t allow you to just play for free, but they do give you this matching deposit bonus where your initial deposit is doubled when you sign up. For example, if you start with $200 you will have $400 to play with.

Percentage deposit bonus – The percentage bonus works a lot the same as the matching deposit bonus, but they only give you a certain percentage of the initial deposit. For example, if you start with $200 and if the deposit percentage is 50% you will have $300 to play with.

Earn from reloading your games or funds

Reload bonuses are offered to customers who have been playing for a while or who have had some losses. The main purpose of these bonuses is to keep you interested in the games. The reload bonuses usually work on the same structure as a matching deposit or matching percentage deposit bonuses. This casino online free bonus is definitely something to look forward every time you make a new deposit.

Earn by being a loyal customer

Loyalty bonuses are rewarded throughout the game. The more games you bid on or play, the more of these bonus points you earn. The longer you enjoy games with an online casino the higher these loyalty bonuses or rewards can get and the more free games, you will be able to enjoy through your bonus casino.

Earn high roller bonuses by investing more

You don’t have to play the games for a long time to enjoy bonuses. By investing a large deposit you can earn a fantastic high roller bonus that boosts your initial deposit even more. These high roller bonuses are however reserved for large amounts that often exceed over $500.

Earn by referencing others

When you refer a friend to the bonus casino you can also earn some terrific bonuses. Some online casinos will even reward you for sharing their name on social media pages such as Facebook or Twitter.

Earn from your losses with cashback bonuses

There are a lot of casinos with bonuses at uk.vogueplay.com

This is one of the best online casino bonuses because it gives you a second chance. Cashback bonuses are usually rewarded to you after a big loss and may well help you stay in the games a lot longer. The cashback bonuses can work on a set structure or on a percentage amount depending on your online casino.

Earn by your payment method

Some casinos prefer certain payment methods and will reward their customers for using these certain types of structures. You can earn a great free online casino bonus by simply using a certain payment method or withdrawal method like a credit card or online bank.

Casino online bonuses are terrific for keeping you in the game much longer and for helping you cut on some of the costs of your losses. But you shouldn’t play the game for these bonuses. The real money lies in winning the games and the real fun lies in the risk and challenges involved in gambling online. There is no bigger thrill than betting your money on some risky venture and there is no investment scheme that could give you the rewards that you can get from gambling. And the best part about online casinos is that you are having a blast while you are changing your small cash into great earnings. You are also learning a lot about the different games so you can shine when it comes to real, in person money wager games.