Terms & Conditions

Below are the principles applicable to all Terms and Conditions of listed in this document:

• Whenever the term “Website” is used, it is to be understood as the website

• Whenever the notions “We,” “Us” or “Our” are used, they are to be understood as the company

• Whenever the notions “You” or “Your” are used, they are to be understood as the visitors or clients of – people who use Our services or contribute to Our content in any way.

• Whenever the word “Agreement” it is to be understood as the entirety of the terms and regulations stated in this document.

When You enter the Website, you declare fully consent to all and any terms of the Agreement to the letter.

Before You go on using the website, be strongly advised to read through the present Agreement with all attention. Everything You do on or in connection with the Website and its services has to accord with the provisions of the Agreement.

If there are any terms, conditions or other provisions in this Agreement that You cannot follow in full or in part, be kindly recommended to steer away from entering the Website. If You visit the Website or use any of its services without accepting the Agreement in full, this classifies Your use of or visit the website as unauthorized.

You should keep in mind that this Agreement can be modified and amended without Your knowing in any way at any time. We have no obligation to account before or notify You or any other users and visitors of the Website. Whenever such amendments or changes are made, and You continue to visit the Website and use its services, this shall mean that you agree with the modified version of the Agreement and all its amendments.

You are only allowed to use Our services if You are familiar with and fully consent to all provision and guidelines of the Agreement.

The Terms and Conditions for using Our services are as follows:

1. The content that We put out on the Website has the sole purpose of providing information to our users. Should this content motivate You, directly or indirectly, to take any actions, only You are responsible for these actions and their outcomes.

2. We provide only informative services. We have no influence on or responsibility over any financial operations of any online casinos.

3. All web pages of the Website and the information presented on them are to be used exclusively according to all and any corresponding laws. You shall not use the Website or its services for any illegal intentions. You shall assume full responsibility for all and any actions resulting from or relating to your use of the Website and Website services, including the possible cases where a third party may experience any loss and demand compensation.

4. You shall not spread any malicious software, including viruses, trojans or any other programs or scripts that may interrupt the normal functioning of a computer, a mobile device or a grid, via the Website.

5. You shall not share the hyperlinks to any parts of the Website anywhere or promote any other unauthorized access to the Website in any way.

6. None of the content that you share via the Website is to be indecent or objectionable to Us or any Website visitors and users. No shared content is to lead to any unnecessary anxiety or inconvenience. Should We classify any content as such, We are fully entitled to remove it from the Website in our full discretion and without any account.

7. We put our effort in the perpetual proper functioning of the Website, but we are not obliged to do so, and we cannot be held liable for any errors that may arise. The content of the Website is published “as available.” Any activities that You may undertake in relation to the Website’s content shall be your exclusive liability. No losses resulting from or relating to such activities shall be compensated. If You have any discontent with the Website or its services, our only suggestion is that You do not visit the Website or use its services anymore.

8. We might provide links to external resources on our Website, from which our users may take advantage of. However, we do not guarantee the proper functioning of these external resources. We are also not accountable for their content (including the commercial advertising of any non-related services or products), users’ personal data processing, etc. If You take any actions resulting from or relating to the content of these external Websites, You assume complete accountability for any possible consequences.

9. The entirety of UK laws relating to gambling is what regulates all Our activities and the activities of the websites that have links to them on our Website. The main principles under which We act are as follows:

a) Not to allow any criminal use of gambling, as well as any use thereof that may be regarded as supporting or associating with crime;

b) To provide all conditions for fair and open gambling;

c) To keep minors and other persons who cannot be responsible for their actions from any gambling-related harm.

10. All Our operation fully subdues to the principles mentioned above, and they have unquestionable priority in any possible dispute.

11. As soon as you contribute any content to the Website, this content irrevocably becomes Our non-exclusive intellectual property for an undefined period of time. This includes any kind of content – text, images, videos or any other multimedia – contributed by posting it on the Website, by emailing it to Us, sending it to us via a contact form or by any other means. Non-exclusive intellectual property means that We have the right to distribute and display this content in its original or modified form, as well as to use it to generate new content. We also reserve the right to sign this content with the name that you have stated when submitting it. You are not entitled to any royalty resulting from any use of this content. We are not obliged to account for any use of the content in question.

12. Should You find yourself misguided by the information that you find on the Website, directly or indirectly, we shall not be held accountable. We put all our effort to keep our website error-free and properly functioning, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of the information presented on the Website at all times. Neither can we guarantee the accuracy of the information on the websites the links to which we have on our Website or the ones referring to our Website.

13. We shall not compensate for or be held accountable in any other way for any consequences of your actions motivated by or in any way relating to the information that you may find on our Website or any of the associated websites.

14. We cannot offer residents of the USA to play at our associated casinos with real money. Residents of the USA are welcome to play the slots, poker rooms, and other games available for free, as well as at partner social casinos.

15. As you enter Our Website, you state that you come from a jurisdiction where gambling is not prohibited, that you have reached the legal age to gamble, and that you fully understand and consent to the provision and guidelines stated in this Agreement and on other pages of this Website. You shall abide by all the gambling-related regulation of your jurisdiction.

16. All the information found on this website, including text, images, and other multimedia, is Our property and is protected by the copyright law. Any unauthorized use of this information is illegal and shall be dealt with according to this law.

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