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Retro Reels Slot: Strategize the Classic!

A feature you aren’t used to see when playing slots has seen the dawn of day and we certainly have a lot to consider when thinking about how playing with this feature in the most effective way possible.

The profits and profitability potential of this perk are huge and something that may break or make your game, so you better think about it before jumping heads first!

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Release date: 2014
Software: Microgaming
Reels: 5
Lines: 30
Minimum bet: 1 per line
Maximum bet: 15 per line
Payout: 96.02%
Autoplay: yes
Bonus rounds: yes
Free spins: yes
Multiplier: yes
Mobile: no
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Play Retro Reels Slot for Real Cash
Play Retro Reels Slot for Money
Play Retro Reels Slot for Real Money

The Retro Reels Slot Feature: Give it another Spin!

Don’t like the reel at the middle that is spoiling all of your play area? Is a figure on the reels just joking and mocking you by ruining an otherwise perfectly good combination? Well then, it is time to re-spin.

The Retro Reels slot has a powerful new feature that will allow you to spin a single reel for a lovely fee, of course.

There are a lot of plays in which you always seem to lack one specific reel on a spot, and that single column of tiles in the machine is the only thing that separates you from the jackpot or God-tier payout you so deserve.

For those types of plays you’ll have the new perk of re-spinning a single reel as your ally, and that is a great thing as well as an inherent danger for those who don’t think it over before paying the price to turn that reel tile round yet again.

Consider the next thoughts on this new generous feature.

Playing the Retro Reels Slot Title: Classic Feel, Established Game.

There’s an old saying that tells us that when something works we should keep it unaltered, and the Retro Reels slot machine capitalizes on this, grabbing that classy game play and those Vegas symbols to make sure it does everything right.

On the other hand, its new feature demands new strategies!

If making the right choice of spinning it can give you the best payouts and make your coin spill coins from being so full, sometimes avoiding the urge to spin can save you some coins you would otherwise have lost.

So, a good rule of thumb is to consider how the cost of spinning relates or compares to the reward you get if the reel tile you get falls into the required place.

This means most of the times it is only worth re-spinning if the payout is generous enough, and the low reward plays should be skipped even if they seem tempting.

Play smart and bend the slot’s odds to your favor, so you can walk out with that sense of accomplishment we all love when we’re winners.

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