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Chief Secretary stresses the impact of igaming advertisements

Danny Alexander

Danny Alexander, who is the Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Parliament wrote a blundered out letter to Culture Secretary Sajid Javid where he made aware of the danger that gambling advertising can cause in the UK. He underlined the possible harm of such promotional campaigns and their effect on children. He also obligated the national Gambling Commission to try to investigate the problem of gambling advertising in the country.

“I am writing to express my anxiety related to a great amount of gambling advertising during different sports events that have children among their audience,” Danny Alexander admitted in his letter.

“Constant alluring advertising of betting establishments during different sports programs makes it really difficult to follow the event.”

Danny Alexander rebuked the addition in betting advertising on the foregoing Labour Government, which in 2007 ended restrictions on gambling operators and let them continue advertising on TV before the watershed.

“I doubt that people predicted that gambling advertising would become a typical trait of our routine and that developing of mobile devices would ease the access to online entertainments (e.g. online casinos). It is quite understandable that the right of all gambling operators to advertise their services, but the advertising should be demonstrated in the appropriate time, after 9 p.m. Great sports events are the occasions that gather all the family in front of their TVs, and children too. And many of you understand that such advertising is not acceptable,” Danny Alexander, Chief Secretary to the Treasury in the UK Parliament stressed.

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David Hall
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