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Many Set to Lose Jobs as City Casino Closes

Many Set to Lose Jobs as City Casino Closes

Grosvenor Casino’s closure in Leeds is in danger of putting several jobless in the city even as they get ready to welcome a new casino.

The Grosvenor Casino in Leeds will be shutting down in September, thus putting much of the city individuals with the danger of being jobless. Situated near the Merrion centre, the casino is flocked by a lot of visitors to its location on the Merrion Way. The casino owners, Rank Group claimed that the decision to shut down has been taken since the casino’s landlord is not interested in renewing the lease.

Rather than find a new venue, The Rank Group has decided to put its focus on improving the customer experience at a casino located at Westgate. The group, which has casinos throughout the United Kingdom, also owns this casino which is undergoing refurbishment.

Risk of Joblessness

Even though the Westgate casino will provide scope for employment, the Grosvenor Casino closure will directly result in individuals losing jobs even after the allocation. Rank Group has confirmed that an amicable solution will be arrived so as to limit their redundancies. However, the large numbers are likely to mean that finding a spot at this new Westgate casino will be difficult.

The casino owners did not come out with exact details about the number of individuals who will lose their jobs. As a business, though, Rank Group said in a statement that focusing on the Westgate casino will undergo in full swing. They also confirmed that the main reason for the exit was the inability to come to an agreement with the landlord.

Rank Group has also tried to pacify its employees by claiming that the consultation process to determine potential alternatives for the employees had already begun. Apart from two casinos in Leeds, the Rank Group has several casinos throughout Britain, and this – they believe – could help them find a solution for the job crisis. Rank Group also has access to Mecca casinos since it is a sister brand.

Hope from City Council

Apart from the casino owners, Leeds City Council is also expected to suffer due to the job losses which will reduce the economic growth. The council has to come up with alternative solutions rather quickly. The impact of the Arena Quarter music venue is also expected to suffer. However, the members of the City Council remain confident about the arrival of a new tenant. Finding the new tenant as soon as possible will be key for the Council, as it would help sustaining the growth of the last few years. On the positive side, the city is gearing up for a new casino at the Victoria Gate complex.

Leeds is going through a huge transformation now and the cuty council is investing in Merrion House. As we’ve just staed, there will be a new “super casino” in Leeds, called the Victoria Gate complex and it will be the third largest in the United Kingdom when it opens. It will employ 220 people across a fifty thousand square feet series of buildings that will house 1,500 people. The new casino will have one of the largest poker rooms in the country, alongside 80 electronic table games and 140 slot machines.

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