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Playing baccarat – what’s so special about it

baccarat information

In order to play baccarat, you will need a table with a special game markings, as well as eight decks of 52 cards. They say that this game was born in France, although this fact has not been proved by history. There is also an American version of baccarat. It can reach 14 members, and 3 croupiers can be present in the game. By the way, the American baccarat is represented in most casinos, both virtual and real ones.

Playing baccarat is not only easy, but enjoyable. The whole process is carried out automatically in accordance with the rules, the player does not have to languish in expectations, he only needs to guess the winner and make the bet.

Winning Combinations

The highest combination of baccarat is called “natural.” It is formed by two cards which value is equal to 9 points. However, this name is also referred to a combination of two cards with 8 points.

 The cards from 2 to 9 is defined by their nominal value, ace is 1 point, the remaining cards – 0. When a player has more than 9 points, it is called “brute force” and ten is deducted from the resulting amount.  

Types of bets in baccarat

In this game there are three types of bets. For each of them on the table there is a special field. The first type of betting is called “punto” or bet on the winning of the player (with the payments ratio of 1 to 1). “Banko” is a bet to win the dealer. It is paid in the ratio of 19:20, or, to put it simply, it’s all the same 1 to 1 only with the 5-percent commission. The third type of bets in baccarat is a bet on a draw, that is the fact that the player and the dealer will have the same number of points. Since the probability of such an outcome is quite small, then the payment is relatively generous – 8 to 1, and in some places even 9 to 1.

 Sequence Of Actions In The Game

Before any cards are dealt the player must bet within the minimum and maximum bet set at the table. After that, the dealer gives two cards to himself and two to the player. If the player immediately formed a natural combination, i.e., the amount of cards is equal to eight or nine points, then it is compared to the dealer’s cards and the winner is determined. If the player has less than six points, then he is supposed to take another card.

If the player’s third card is not necessary, the dealer shouldn’t take it if he scored more than or equal to six points. When the dealer has less or equal to two points, he has the right to draw a card. If the dealer has three points, he can take the third card only if the player doesn’t have eight. If the dealer has four points, he can take the third card if a player does not have eight, nine points, as well as cards equal to zero and one. If the dealer has five points, he is allowed to take a third card if the player does not have four, five, six or seven. If the dealer has six points, the third card is possible when a player does not have six or seven. If the dealer has seven points, he cannot get the third card no matter what cards the player has. After the third card have been dealt, combinations are compared again and the winner is determined.

Strategy and the Probability of Winning

If you play baccarat in a casino, you need to be prepared for the fact that the advantage of the gambling establishment is automatically inherent. Sometimes you can win, sometimes lose, but you can’t be in a winning position over the long term because of the casino’s advantage. And if you also take into account that this is a game solely based on luck, the chances to make money in it seem elusive. You cannot influence the outcome with your knowledge or skills, because everything happens automatically.

However, there are some mathematical calculations that can help the player not to smash up, and maybe win something. Here are some tips:

  • put a bet on the player is more advantageous than on the dealer;
  • to put on the draw is not recommended, even though there is a good payout ratio, since the possibility of such outcome is very small;

if you cannot decide what kind of baccarat play, feel free to choose the one that uses fewer decks.

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