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Rumours about gambling addicted Hollywood stars

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People who through their own hard work or happy circumstances could make a fortune and become famous, often while away the time in the casino. Thanks to them, gambling industry will never disappear. After all, when well-known actors, entertainers and politicians are gambling, they do not skimp on the bets, and sometimes leave large sums in the casinos. Among the stars of Hollywood there are even professional players! Ben Affleck, for example, is a professional poker player. By the way, the poker firmly holds the first place in popularity among gamblers. Also favourite is Texas Hold’em, roulette and blackjack.

The famous actor, as well as director Ben Affleck requires a professional help of the psychologist on questions of the game addiction. What worries is the fact that his friends and wife think the same. We are talking about gambling addiction of the actor, which, in their opinion, has already pathogenic traits. Although Ben himself assures that he controls everything.

It is worth recalling that the current spring one of the most popular Casino in Las Vegas imposed a lifelong taboo on the game of blackjack for the owner of Oscar. Here Ben Affleck was caught at counting points. But this technique is considered unacceptable. In the beginning of 2000 the famous Oscar winner twice beat the gambling establishment, and in a very significant total content.

But his neighbor at the card table, and part-time close friend is an actor Matt Damon, the person we all know very well thanks to the famous American cinema. The irresistible Ben Affleck had infected Damon with the current gambling likes. But in contrast to his good friend, Matt is still only an amateur and does not risk to participate in major professional events, and this is well and correctly.

Inimitable George Clooney, like many of his colleagues, likes to stretch a little game of cards. But his great interest in this card game from a simple hobby has now become a real business.

Well, compared with the known actor Clooney, the famous James Woods, who as we all remember played in a movie called “Salvador” takes poker very easy. For him it is just simply a hobby and nothing else besides. He is not shy to tell openly that he plays a lot, but gains very little, because the money is not the most important thing, as he has just noticed.

Legendary actor starring Spider-Man – Tobey Maguire also confessed that the game of poker is now his weakness and is a favorite pastime. He said that most of all he strongly likes to play poker with his Hollywood friends. Well, then he gets the most cash wins.

But the love of the legendary Leonardo Dicaprio to play poker ended not with a large win, but even with a prosecution. Just recently, the famous and favorite actor was slandered by Brad Ruderman. It was after he first lost a very considerable sum to the popular actor Tobey Maguire, and so the investment fund manager later told everyone that actor Leonardo DiCaprio was not quite the holy and very often played poker with them. Well, it is just a detective.

Well, with regard to the female sex, among the actresses fond of gambling poker was recently spotted Victoria Pratt, as we remember she performed the most important role in the popular TV series “Xena, Lady Warriors.”

And here’s another Hollywood celebrity – gorgeous Shannon Elizabeth, who first tried her skills as a professional player in one of the recent charity tournaments where she honorably took the sixth place.

So guys, as you see our favorite stars love to have fun at a great card table, and many of them are even very successful. And this confirms once again the opinion that talented people are always talented in everything. Well, be careful, because there are losers and they are also very large.

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