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Why cheating can’t be your winning strategy

cheating facts about casinos

As long the gambling exists, as great there is a desire to profit unfairly. Moreover, with the advent of online casinos this problem has not disappeared, and slowly turned into another plane of high technology. Although, sometimes the very online casinos becomes the laundry to launder criminal money received. This is also one of the types of fraud, but with a different legal assessment.

Chinese businessman William Yan (he is also Bill Liu Yang Lu) was a frequent visitor of the VIP-rooms of the casinos. He played for high stakes. The origin of his capital he could not or would not like to explain. On this basis the New Zealand Police brought charges against him for money laundering. But the court found the evidence of his guilt insufficient.

But a resident of England, who has earned nearly a million with the help of cheating, was less fortunate. His guilt was fully proved. Now Andrew Ospiau is in an English prison for three years.

Playing casino games online for money is very exciting, but how to entrust your money to the ones you don’t know? What are the security safeguards against abuse of hackers into your account? Any respectable online casino provides a multilevel security system. Standard offences are: the use of stolen credit cards, a bonus-hunting and stealing personal information of players. These are direct obligations of Internet security of the institutions.

There are private organizations that have gathered tons of data on the scams. The Security Service of the casino requests the information in such organizations about newly registered players on a commercial basis. Often, these activities help to define the scam successfully and quickly.

Sometimes, as in the case of a businessman Liu Yang, the Security Service cooperates with law enforcement agencies. If you can gather enough evidence against the fraudster, the lawyers open a criminal or administrative case and can deliver a lot of trouble to the network swindler. Gambling suggests honesty on the part of the one side or the other.

However, very often you can find some claims on the online casino in different forums. People claim that they get small prizes at low bets, and when you play with the larger deposits, it is programmed not to pay the money. In this case, the software can be regarded as the purest type of fraud. In this regard we can say the following: if you choose the online casino with an expensive licensed software and a reputation for a few years, this cannot happen!

None of the serious casinos does not stoop to that. It is simply not profitable for them. The loss of reputation immediately threatens the loss of players, and therefore to risk the reputation is your own peril. You should play casino games online for money in verified institutions.

Is it good or bad to gamble online? This is a rhetorical question. Many people relieve stress and fatigue in this way, and they are willing to pay for it. Why not? But we strongly recommend: do not leave without attention the hype! Even if the amount of the loss is not great. Fraudsters are well aware that few people want to communicate with them. They have the following arguments: where is the contract, where are the payment instruments, who will generally be sued, etc. And here and there. But if you inform about the cheating, don’t worry, the case will be investigated and the demage compensated. At the same time, if you don’t want to spend a couple of years in prison or pay high fines, don’t even think about cheating while playing in the casino. Get only positive experience and enjoy the process of gambling!

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