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Winning strategies in roulette

Casino Roulette tips

Despite the fact that roulette is a game of chance in the truest sense of the word, there are many strategies to increase your chances of winning. It turns out that in roulette not everything depends on pure luck, and the player can bring a win or at least postpone a loss. It is worth noting that the win-win strategy in a roulette game is something from the science fiction. However, there are game systems that are well proven and will be useful for those looking for how to beat the casino in roulette.

There is no consensus on the strategies of the roulette game. We cannot allocate one strategy, we cannot call it better than the other – each of them has its own idea of ​​the game. We’ll look at a few of them, the ones that are the most common and accessible even for beginners. But before we move on to the strategies it is worth recalling one of the main rules of the player: play roulette with the best chances to win. That is, give up the double zero roulette – the casino advantage due to this sector increases dramatically. The optimal variant of roulette is European. The percentage of casino winnings in this game is about 2.6%.

Biarritz Strategy. The point of this system is to ensure that every time a player puts on the same number. The probability of winning in such a system is 35 to 1 and using the Biarritz strategy there are three scenarios possible:

  1. The desired sector falls on the 36th rotation. This means that the player is paid for his stake.
  2. The desired sector is not falling during the 36 rotations. Gamblers lose, we have to admit defeat.
  3. The desired sector fell during 1-35 rotations. In this case, the player receives a net profit. The earlier the winning number appears, the greater is the gain.

D’Alembert Strategy. The game system is the reminiscent of Martingale strategy, which is already rather fed up with experienced players. Its essence lies in the fact that the player can increase the bet by one point after a loss and decrease by one point after each win. The system can be used when playing an equal chance (red / black, even / odd, etc.). Denomination of chips the player can define himself – it all depends on the financial capacity.

Whittaker Strategy. It is characterized by its efficiency and simplicity. The bets are placed on an equal chance, and the special progression 1-2-3-5-8-13 should be used in the game, and it is so until the limit bet for the roulette table. Next bid must be equal the sum of the previous two. In this case, one successful spin compensates the losses in the last two rounds. In theory, this system is a win-win, but it can bring a sufficient loss. When a player reaches the limit bet, he receives a painful loss that would be hard to play.

Strategy 1-3-2-6. Another roulette system is based on progression. As the name suggests the bets should be done on a progression 1-3-2-6. It is easy to calculate that one bad spin promises 2 chips loss. Meanwhile, the potential gain is 12 chips! The main thing is to strictly adhere to progression. If the bet is played, then you can move on to the next number. If, however, the tide has turned on the player, you need to go back to the beginning. Finally, the bets for this system should be done on an equal chance.

All of these systems promise a good win. Nevertheless, we should not forget that no one roulette strategy could guarantee a profit in the long run – a win-win system of roulette game does not exist! So do not rely too much on the strategy: still we are talking about gambling, where you can’t play without the favors of Fortune.

And don’t forget one rule: If you are lucky and you currently are “in the black”, think if it is worth continuing the game. The more you play, the more chances you give to the casino to realize its advantage and get its “legitimate” profits of 2.6% that is guaranteed by the laws of mathematics. Remember, the best method of playing roulette is the ability to stop in time.

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