Terms & Conditions to VoguePlay

The statements below apply to all Terms and Conditions for that are found further in this document:

  • Any and all uses of the word “Website” in any form shall refer to the website
  • Any and all uses of the words “We,” “Us” and “Our” in any form shall refer to
  • Any and all uses of the word “You” in any form shall refer to the person(s) visiting the Website, using its services, and contributing content.
  • Any and all uses of the word “Agreement” in any form shall refer to any and all terms, conditions, and notices in this document.

By visiting the Website and using the Website’s services you consent to the terms of the Agreements stated below in the exact form in which they are stated.

Be strongly recommended to read and fully understand the Agreement, because all your activities within the Website are to be in full accordance with the bounds and limitation provided in the Agreement.

Should there be any reason why you constitute to this Agreement in full or in part, be advised against visiting the Website or using its services, because this renders you unauthorized for the Website.

We are entitled to introduce any modifications and amendments to the Agreement that we think appropriate at any time. We are in full right to do it at our discretion without notifying any user(s) of the Website or its services thereof. Should such changes or amendments be introduced and You choose to continue using the Website’s services, this is to be understood as your consent to these changes or amendments, as well as to the new Agreement in full.

Acceptance and understanding of the Agreement is the only condition that You should meet to enter the Website and use its services.

Find the terms and conditions for visiting the Website and using its services below:

  1. All of the content on the Website is published solely for informational purposes. We can’t be held responsible for any results of the actions you may take upon reading the content of our Website. This also refers to the information that we may send You by email.
  2. We are not a gambling service. We have no relation to any payments from players in regard to all and any gambling operations.
  3. You state that you shall only use the Website in full or in part in strict accordance with all the relevant laws. You should not make any use of the website in full or in part for any illegal undertakings. Should any third party experience any damage caused Your violation of the Agreement and have any claims, as a result, You shall be the only one responsible, and the We shall denounce any responsibility.
  4. You shall not use the Website to spread any malware, including but not limited to viruses, trojan horses or any other software that can possibly interfere with the normal functionality of computers, mobile devices, or networks.
  5. You shall not post any hyperlinks to any page of the Website anywhere, neither shall you commit or sanction any unauthorized access to any part of the Website.
  6. You shall not use the Website to spread any content that We or any visitor of the Website may find obscene or offensive, as well as any content that may cause unnecessary annoyance. Such content will be deleted without notifying or providing reasons to the person who spreads it or to anyone else.
  7. We do not guarantee the uninterrupted and error-free functioning of the Website at all times. All the content of the Website is provided “as is.” Should the content if the Website or its representation motivate you to take any actions, You take full responsibility for any consequences of such actions. The only solution that we can suggest, should you experience any damage as a result of such actions is that you use the Website no longer. We shall not compensate for any of such damage in any way.
  8. Striving for the benefit of our users, We may include links to other websites on our Website. This is not to be understood that we take any responsibility for the uninterrupted functionality of these websites. Neither are we to be held liable for their privacy procedures and their content, including but not limited to any misrepresentation or any advertisement of non-related products or services of any kind. You acknowledge Your exclusive responsibility for any actions you may take on these external websites directly or indirectly motivated by the information from Our or their content.
  9. Both We and the websites referred on Our Website are acting in accordance with the provisions of the effective Law of Australia regulating gambling. These include but are not limited to the following:

    a) Prevention of any ill-intended or corrupt use of gambling activities that may lead to or can be associated with any criminal activities;

    b) Ensuring the fair and open conduct of all gambling procedures;

    c) Protection of the underage and other vulnerable groups of people from abusing or being abused by gambling.

  10. The aforementioned licensing objectives shall be Our prime principles of operation, and We shall always act in full accordance with these objectives.
  11. When you submit any content to our Website, by email, by leaving comments on our Website, by sending content via our contact form, or otherwise, you consent that shall hold all rights to such content on a royalty-free basis, non-exclusively, irrevocably and for an indefinite period of time. These rights include the rights to modify, translate, distribute, use this content for creating other content or in any other way We deem fit, as well as the rights to use the name that you have stated while submitting this content as the author. Such content shall include any text, images, videos, and any other multimedia. You also acknowledge that you shall not be informed about any use of the content mentioned above.
  12. takes no responsibility, should you get misinformed by any information on the Website, directly or indirectly. We strive to keep our Website error-free and defect-free and to keep the information presented on the Website accurate. However, we disclaim any guarantees of the accuracy of the information on the Website and on the external websites to which We refer or which refer to Us.
  13. All and any information (including but not limited to links) that You find on this Website shall be used at Your own risk. Should you experience any loss or damage upon taking any actions motivated by this information, directly or indirectly, renounces any responsibility.
  14. can offer the US residents only to play free-of-charge games and partner social casinos. US residents are restricted to bet real money in casinos on our Website.

  15. By using our Website and its services, you confirm that gambling is legal in your jurisdiction of residence, that you are of legal gambling age in your jurisdiction, and that you are familiar with this Agreement and with other provisions stated on this Website. You are also liable for following all and any other gambling and gambling-related laws and regulations effective in your jurisdiction.
  16. All and any texts, images, videos, and other types of content to be found on the Website are Our intellectual property. Unauthorized distribution or any other use of this content violates the copyright law and is prohibited.
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