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Casino Glossary for Australian Players

Game Banking – play, accumulating bonuses. When you exit the game all the bonuses go to another player.

Bankroll – the amount of money you can afford to spend in the game.

Bet Max – the maximum bet in slots.

Comp – a special promotion from the casino as a bonus, a free ticket to the tournament, additional payouts.

House Edge – if in any game there is such an icon with 5% House Edge, then from every dollar casino will pick exactly five cents. For enrichment.

Payback – with this icon on the contrary casino returns to a player part of his money in the form of rake back.

One-Armed Bandit – an old-fashioned slot machine name.

Progressive Jackpot – a single program, which collects the players cash flows around the world. This amount can reach a million or even more dollars. From each player’s bets an additional amount is taken to build a jackpot. Any player can win this jackpot.

Action – the total amount of cash in the casino.

All in – broke – the player puts all the chips (money) at stake.

American Roulette – 38 cells, 0 and 00.

Auto play – casino plays for you, places bets automaticly, etc.

Bank transfer – method of money input-output.

Bet size – the size of the bet.

Bust out – the loser.

Flat Top – a slot without a progressive jackpot.

Loose-slots – machines with the highest payouts of winnings.

Advertising – advertising of the poor play poker.

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