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Welcome to Au.vogueplay.com! This is our ultimate guide on bonuses and promotions at online casinos. Online casinos always offer a great variety of those, and it is easy to get confused even for experienced gamblers, let alone the newcomers. This is why we have decided to provide detailed explanations of the most common types of the available bonuses.

A comprehensive system of bonuses and promotions is the best way for an online casino to encourage the players to play more, sometimes even without depositing any real money. We have put together this guide to explain how you can benefit from these bonuses. Au.vogueplay.com’s guide describes the most popular bonuses and how you can benefit from them straight away!

Mind, however, that online casinos rarely provide bonuses unconditionally, most often they come with certain limitations, including wagering requirements. Therefore, we encourage you to look through the bonuses conditions with all attention before claiming it. If you find these conditions somewhat confusing and do not fully understand what they are talking about, you are welcome to check our FAQ page and beginner’s guide, as well as those of the casino where you choose to play.


Traditionally, match bonuses are the most common at online gambling services. A match deposit bonus suggests that you get a fixed percentage of your deposited amount of money added to your player account balance as a gift from the casino. Match deposit bonuses always have play-through (wagering) requirements that you should meet before your won funds can be cashed.

For instance, when you deposit $200, and you claim a match deposit bonus of 50% with 10 times wagering requirements, it means that you will receive $200 + 50% = $300 onto your player account balance, but before you can withdraw the funds that you win you need to make a bet 10 times: $200 x 10 times = $2000.

Match deposit bonuses can be:

Cashable. When you see a cashable match deposit bonus, it means that upon completing the wagering requirements you will be able to withdraw the added bonus along with the rest of your winnings.

Non-cashable. If the bonus is non-cashable, it means that after you play through the necessary amount of bets (wagering requirements), the bonus amount will be deducted from your player account and you will not be able to withdraw the amount.

Package. This means that you get a set of different bonuses as one. The package can include two or more match bonuses complimented with free spins, free plays or even free cash to your balance.

Exclusive. Here at Au.vogueplay.com, we strive for the excellent gaming experience and sheer enjoyment of our clients. Therefore, we do our best to negotiate the best game conditions for the players who reach online casinos through our website. For this purpose, we negotiate the special promotions for our esteemed clients. When you see an Exclusive bonus, it means that this bonus is only available to you as a Au.vogueplay.com user.

Cashback. Online casinos grant such bonuses to active and loyal gamblers. Here you are in fact given back the funds that you deposit. Play-through requirements may or may not apply. VIP. These are the unique bonuses for High Rollers, i.e. players who place high bets. Such bonuses may include deposit match bonuses with outstanding percentage, as well as cashback and other free gifts.

Free Spins. As the name implies, this bonus is only for slot games, and it adds one or several free spins to a game. Such bonuses are the promotion with which a casino encourages you to play more. Play-through requirements may or may not apply.

Free Play. This bonus allows you to play for free. Normally, it is presented to new players so that they can get familiar with the gameplay before betting the actual money. Free play bonuses often suggest bigger cash wins, but you will always need to deposit a certain amount of money before you can withdraw any funds or use your winnings for further plays. For more info on free play, see the terms and conditions of every free play bonus you encounter and pay close attention to avoid any misunderstandings.

Wagering. This bonus is seldom to encounter. A wagering bonus is basically a reward for having played a fixed number of times and spent a certain amount of money on bets. Naturally, such bonuses do not have any further play-through requirements.

Max Cashout. This is another kind of bonus that one does not come across too often. It is a match deposit bonus that gives you more percentage than usual, but aside from the wagering requirements it also has a restriction as to the maximum amount of funds that you are allowed to withdraw. Usually, you can withdraw not more than ten times the bonus amount.


Though you do not have to deposit any funds onto your player account balance to claim these bonuses, there will still be certain conditions to meet: the wagering requirements and the maximum amount of funds available for withdrawing. These limits are meant to prevent any abuse and will depend on your experience and activeness with the casino. As a rule, such bonuses can be as follows:

Free Cash. You get a certain amount of funds to your player account balance, and you can use it for playing without needing to deposit any real money. Still, you will have to meet the wagering requirements, and there will be a withdrawal limit.

Free Spins. You get extra spins to your slot game, and your wins add up to those from the regular spins. Sometimes, these wins can be withdrawn, but usually, they translate into a cash bonus that you can use for further games.

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