Blackjack Online – learn how to play casino game for free

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Blackjack Online – learn how to play casino game for free
Blackjack play online for free

Like other card games, blackjack is played online or in casinos, and it requires a mix of skill and luck to succeed in it. Let’s face it, it is not guaranteed that you can win all of your games, but with a few effective strategies, you can improve your chances of winning and get to enjoy the game even more. These tips are not an assurance that you will win all of your games, but they will improve your skills and game play to make you win big. If these tips are applied effectively, you will increase your chances of hitting a huge payout from playing blackjack online.

6 Effective Tips For Winning at Blackjack

1. Implement effective money management skills

Before you jump into a game and start gambling, it is always advisable to review your bankroll. Never gamble over your set limit, and once your limit is hit, it is better to stop playing otherwise you will lose a lot more money than necessary. Online blackjack is a game of skill and you need to practice a lot of patience and discipline when it comes to budgeting for your money to use in the game.

Considering that it is an interesting game, you may convince yourself to continue playing even after hitting your bankroll target. This is a big mistake. You should set a limit to the maximum amount you want to spend, and if the losing streak hits the spending limit, stop indulging and go take a rest.

2. Practice makes perfect

There are many sites offering free play for online blackjack. Before you go online and start betting with real cash, it is recommended especially for the novice players, to practice for free until they are ready to deal with real cash. Playing blackjack requires skills, and these have to be developed first.

It is better to learn while practising for free than learn using real money. Therefore, take your time, review the lessons that are available online, and practice for long hours. This will give you the confidence required to play the game with real cash and win big.

3. Review the odds for each game before playing

Many casinos have different odds for each game played online. Considering that the house edge varies with each game, it is advisable to review the odds offered for each one before you start playing blackjack. Experts advise that you look for those games that have the lowest house edge, which will, in turn, increase your winning stake.

4. It is a bad move to split your tens

A common mistake made by most novice players of online blackjack is that they tend to split their 10s. When you find yourself with two 10s, you will have a total hand value of 20. This hand is excellent considering that your main objective is to get 21. If you have been dealt two 10s, the only way the dealer can beat you is if he has 21, which is pretty difficult.

If you are a basic strategy player, it is never advisable to split your tens. Even though it may be fun for some (of course it’s just a game), you will end up losing more money to the casino. Therefore, it is better to stick with your 20 rather than splitting them up.

5. Dealt two 5s? Double down

If the blackjack dealer hands you two 5s, the total hand value is 10. The best way to play this situation is to double down and request only for one card. The mistake made by most novice players of blackjack is that they tend to split the two 5s and end up with two 10s, which means they made 2 bad bets out of a good one, considering that they would have had 20 had they doubled down.

6. Two 8s make a 16, split them!

Expert online blackjack players always advise that whenever you find yourself handed two 8s, regardless of the dealer’s card value in hand, even if he has an ace, you should split the two 8s. This is because the two 8s make a total hand value of 16, which is a bad situation to be in when playing blackjack.

It is better to split the two 8s so that you can save your betting money with one hand winning. It is better to lose one than lose it all. Actually, if you bet equal portions for each hand, losing one means you recover from the winning hand, which is better than losing both hands in the blackjack.

Even though this is a fun game to play, without the right techniques and skills, you will end up losing money on the house. However, if you stick to these effective tips highlighted in this article, you will surely go home a winner.

Bottom Line

Start playing blackjack today and make sure you get the best deals and promotions. Blackjack is incredibly rewarding if you know the basics and if you give it some time to ”get” the insights. We've got plenty of variants for Aussies and you can get started right away. If you're looking to win consistently and increase your bankroll, you've come to the right place!

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