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How to Always Win on a Fruit Machine – Tips to Increase Your Chances of Winning

One thing that almost every person in the world loves to do is to play fruit machines. They are fun, entertaining and can even provide some small gifts and money at times. However, if you want to get the biggest and most stacks when you are playing these machines, then you need to know how to always win on a fruit machine. Here are some tips and tricks that you should be using:

– Know how to choose the correct fruit machine. There are many different types of fruit machines out there. Every machine has its own special feature or unique characteristic which may attract the player to play with it more. So try to find out which machine best fits your preferences. If you are after bigger payouts, then you will probably find that the jackpot machines are better.

– Know how to react properly when you are given a new card. If you have just recently started playing the machine and you see a new card, then do not pull out your winnings immediately. Try to wait for at least 10 seconds before you take your winnings. This is because if you pull out your winnings too soon, the machine will not be able to process it correctly. A lot of players tend to leave their winnings on the machine too long and this causes the machine to stop giving out results.

– You can also try to change colors of the fruit machine whenever you see a winning pattern. Some machines will display a certain color whenever they win a prize. If you notice this, then you can play with the same machine. The only problem is that the machine will not tell you which color it is. You must inspect the screen for the appropriate color to know whether you have won or not.

– Do not play too aggressively when you are on the machine. Sometimes, winning is just inevitable but aggressive playing will cause you to lose more money. If you are playing aggressively, the chances of you winning are lower compared to when you are playing normally. If you are determined to keep on playing despite the losses you have incurred, then you might end up quitting the game all together.

– Learn how to identify the difference between a regular winning machine and a fruit machine that has not paid out money yet. This may sound simple but most players do not know this. Most of the time, the machines with money still inside will not give out winning line. However, if you notice that a machine that does not have money in it is paying out, then you should leave the machine and look for another one. Playing while you are watching is not allowed.

– Know how to choose the best time of day to play. Playing any time of the day is okay as long as you do not play at odd hours. Machines that pay out frequently during the day are usually the best choices. However, if you are in a budget, you can settle for machines that pay out once in a while.

Knowing these tips on how to always win on a fruit machine will help you earn more money. There are times that the machines are wired to win more money. Although there are times that they do not work properly, it is still a good place to start especially if you are a novice at playing this type of game. Playing this machine will also ensure that you never get hooked because you will have experienced it first hand.

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