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How to Tell When a Fruit Machine Has Been Lost and What to Do

Have you ever played your favourite fruit machines and wondered how to tell when a fruit machine is going to payout? You know, that feeling you have when you are just waiting to get to the jackpot? You want it so bad but you don’t want to risk it. Well there is a way to tell if the machine you are playing with is going to give you a big payout. If you follow these simple steps, you are sure to be a big winner.

– Look for signs that the machine is paying out. You may see the ball drop off the screen as the winning numbers to come up. Look for patterns on the reels. Most fruit machines will display the winning combination on the reels and this will give you an indication of how to win.

– Check the jackpot. Most machines will now display the current jackpot amount. If the machine has not yet reached this amount you should stop the game. Now, when the jackpot is higher than you can bet and be sure you will win.

– Listen for sounds. One of the most common noises that fruit machines make is a chime. It is common to hear this noise when the machine is winning. This is another good indication that the fruit machine you are playing with is paying out.

– Another good indicator of when a machine is paying out is the “pinkie” bar. When you pull this bar down, it will show you how many coins are left inside. If you see a lot of coins in this bar then it means the machine is paying out. If there are few coins in this bar then you may want to wait a while longer and try another machine. Fruit machines do tend to have different payout amounts for each different game.

– Listen for any squeals or noises that may be associated with the winnings on the machine. The squeals could signify that someone is winning, or could be the result of someone trying to steal the winnings from the machine. You don’t want to let yourself be caught by the owner of the machine. You don’t want them to know that you are stealing from them and possibly getting away with it.

– Do you notice the owner of the machine stopping the game and telling you to leave the machine alone? If you find the owner of the machine doing this, it is probably an indication that the owner is cheating on them with the other players. If you don’t notice the owner stopping the game then you may want to play more carefully. Sometimes you can get away with a small tip at the end of each game that will let you win a small amount of money instead of a large amount. There are fruit machines out there that only pay a small amount for each game, but you still need to watch out because they aren’t going to stop until you have given them all of your tips.

You also want to remember not to get too carried away. If you lose more than you won you are going to feel bad, but you also may end up getting kicked out of the machine. When playing at a fruit machine, keep in mind that you aren’t actually supposed to win the money from the machine. You are just trying to beat the machine and hopefully come out with as much as you put into the machine. If you end up throwing your money away than you can be sure that you have found an unsafe machine.

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