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Learn How To Cheat A Slot Machine – Here Is How To Avoid Getting Slots In Las Vegas!

How to cheat a slot machine is a question that is asked frequently by many casino goers. The truth is that there are several ways on how one can cheat a slot machine. It would be too difficult to explain each and every method in this article, so instead we will discuss some of the more common methods that players use to gain an edge when playing slot machines. We will also take a look at how to cheat a slot machine online. After reading this article, you should be able to formulate a plan on how to beat the odds at the nearest casino slot machine. It pays to read these next statements before going to your nearest casino to play a slot machine.

One of the most popular ways on how to cheat a slot machine is to identify where the “lucky” slot player resides. Most of the time, progressive slot machines come with a small metal disc which displays a graphical picture of a jackpot amount. When this small round disc is in an area of the screen which is slightly away from where the button reader is located, a win takes place. In this method, the person must be located close enough to the reader to notice the small round disc. The player must then use the appropriate colored light wand to “see” the amount of money that is contained inside the jackpot.

Another common cheat which has gained immense popularity over the years is the magnetic technique. This method involves placing one’s own magnet onto the winning combination display screen of the machine. The magnet is used to attract the coin back into the machine. Most of the time, this is done using a paperclip or small piece of magnetic tape.

Magnets can also be manipulated through the use of piano wires. While this seems more complicated and elaborate, it is actually easier to manipulate than the preceding methods. This is because, with the use of a piano wire, one is able to effectively control the direction and movement of the magnet.

Magnets are not the only things that help in slot machine cheat techniques. There are a number of mechanical devices which are used to do this. These mechanical gadgets include hydraulic presses, coin presses, and the like. For example, there are coin presses wherein a coin is inserted into a hopper that is operated by a lever attached to a mechanism. This lever can be manipulated by pressing a certain number of buttons. However, this particular technique requires the knowledge of the mechanism which operates the hopper.

One mechanical device that is commonly used in slot machines is the light wand. This is a long thin stick that is used to activate the light switch beneath the machine. The light wand can detect whether the selected coins are paying good and paying bad. The appearance of this gadget is similar to that of the regular electrician’s tool which has a yellowish glow. The reason why this device is widely used is because it allows the person to manipulate the reels and the lever simultaneously.

Another common trick in slot machines is the “lucky magnet”. This is a trick which involves inserting one’s coin into a small magnet pouch. Upon locating the magnetic piece which is aligned to the middle of the coin, the player then pulls out the magnet with the help of a strong pull cord, activating the light to reveal whether the chosen coin is paying out or not.

One more common trick in slots is the “bill validator”. A user chooses a random number and plugs it into a computer, which displays the same number on a monitor. Based on the response of the computer, a user will be able to determine whether the chosen bill number is paying out or not. However, the user should use a good amount of imagination to come up with a foolproof system to ensure that the trick does not work on a regular basis.

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