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The Australians are the biggest gambling losers in the world

Australians are the biggest gambling losers

Gambling Capital analysed how much money was spent on slot machines, casinos, lotteries, bookmakers and other industries of gambling during 2016. It appeared that most of the money was lost by the US residents — $116,9 billion, most of which were left in the casino. The Chinese ($62.4 billion of loss), Japanese ($24.1 billion), the Italians ($19 billion) and Australians ($18.3 billion) follow the Americans.

What nation loses the most in a casino?

However, if we look at per capita spends, Americans will not show these terrible figures. The most recognised world leader is Australia in this aspect, where in 2016, every resident on average lost about the US $990 ($1290). Since 2003, this nation has become an invariable leader in this ranking, and now, for almost 15 years, an “honorary” second place occupies Singapore. Its amount in the total loss comprises about 8 billion. However, despite the fact that the total sum is considerably less than that of Australians, the amount per capita of the Singapore people is higher than the Australians show. Average amount lost of an adult resident of Singapore was about $650 per person. Further, you will see the Irish (about $500 per person), Finns who lost about 3 billion Euros (about $450 per person) and Americans (about $450). Surprisingly enough, but the US are not even in the “top three”. Most often losses occur on the slot machines or as they are called in Australia – pokies, with over $9 billion spent.

How Australians spend their money gambling

Australia periodically introduces new, more affordable and simple scheme for online gambling legalisation, offers a range of lucrative casino bonuses. The Australian government has not imposed a ban on the casino as it was in the United States. They are more than tolerant to land-based and online gaming, believing that the prohibitions and barriers only strengthen the problems.

As to the favourite virtual gambling games among Australians, they include online poker, various casino games (blackjack, slots, roulette, etc.). The research showed that about 80% of the adult population visit poker rooms in Australia! Such a figure seems to be unbelievable! It means that all Australians who know how to deal with the Internet, gamble and spend about 3% of their income per year.

If you look at countries where gambling income is high, then the leading place here occupies America – this country receives about 25% of the total global gambling market. For the whole period, it had lost about $ 117 billion. And this amount can be increased with the expectation that sports betting might be legalised in the US with the current Trump administration said to be favouring federal intervention.

China with its gambling history has managed to rise the market volume from the tenth to the second position– it now spends about 63 billion. And according to analysts, in 5-6 years, one of the largest gambling markets will be in China.

Japan is in the process of legalising casinos, which may also cause a jump in gambling there.

In 2016, the gambling industry has received $400 billion and the two most lucrative issues for the industry are casinos and lotteries.

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Carlos Lopez
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